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Jul 18, 2012
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Link to pics in ad.
Atlas- craftsman 12-36 lathe , on original cast iron and wood stand. Has always been mounted to this stand so the bed is not twisted or warped!!! Quick change gearbox, quick change toolpost with 5 adaptors. Right and left tangential tool holders,8 crobalt bits (should last a lifetime) Armstrong boring bar holder, 4 way toolpost (german), 6" 3 jaw 8" 4 jaw. 8" faceplate with adjustable dog up to 2 1/2". EVERTHING works!!! The only problem it has an old repair to the upper belt gaurd bracket which doe's NOT affect operation. I have the timken equipped decal to
go with it as I was going to restore it and the horizontal mill.

Atlas MFC horizontal mill, early version with power feed table. Has over 60 cutters, original vise with wrench, new spindle belt. serial #000221. Currently has bad motor but will have a brand new motor installed before purchase. Have not had time to do it recently. Also have timken decal for this machine. Everything functions table feeds, speeds, forward and reverse. Right now you have to spin the motor to get it going, but like I said the price INCLUDES a brand NEW motor, not used. This machine had the optional cooling system but the pump and lines are
missing, but the hard to get parts are there, Coolant pump door, line holder at the top of the mill, return filter housing and table end plugs.

Old unknown small vertical mill on original cast iron and wood base. Completely restored has built in rotary table. It has been suggested by some that this maybe a jig bore machine, but the feeds are in thousandths not 10 thousandths and it functions better than a 10 year old china mill I got rid if to purchase this one.

Large drill press 12 speed with vise 5/8 chuck on MT2 taper.
Small craftsman 8" drill press.
Enco horizontal bandsaw, good blade with extra blade.
Delta belt sander.
Granite surface plate
Mitutoyo 12" height gauge
micrometers 0 - 5" 5 pieces all brand name no china junk
3 dial indicators 1 electronic measures in .0001"
2 sets of 123 blocks
2 sets of angle plates 30 45 60
Broach set
Hundreds of drill bits and reamers. bits up to 1 1/2 most are Mt2 MT3 taper.
Taps and dies sae and metric.
4" rotary table with dividing plates.
4" bench grinder.
Starrett Machinist level
Starrett v blocks with clamps
Clamping set that fits both mills.
Digital angle gauge.
Transfer punches.
Mill bits.
Angle plate
Located in New caney Tx.(North Houston) I have a YRC freight account and can ship the heavy stuff nationwide (they are wonderful, fast and have had NO damage or loss from them so far!!). I also have a mom and pop shipper that is cheaper but may take a couple of weeks or so to get to you. Will ship anything UPS USPS or Fedex. I do NOT have a UPS or FEDEX account so it may be expensive!! Will do USPS priority mail, seems the best bang for the buck on the small stuff. You pay freight/shipping on all. Cost of material to crate on the large items. I am not out to
make money on shipping or crating. I will work with you any way I can to get the items to you as cheap as possible.

This is a complete home machine shop with over 10k invested. Prices are firm. No junk here.
Serious inquiries only.
832-887-1826. NO TEXT
Calls before 10 PM CST PLEASE.
Pictures here:
http://s1249.photobucket.com/user/LanceC/library/machine shop for sale
Atlas Lathe,$1,800.00
Atlas mill with vise and cutters,$1,450.00
Old veritcal mill ,"$1,000.00"
Large drill press with angle vise,$200.00
Small drill press,$75.00
Enco Power bandsaw,$150.00
Delta belt sander,$75.00
Matco Tap and die set ,$250.00
4"Rotary table with indexing plates MT1 dead center,$150.00
"12"" Height gauge Mitutoyo",$140.00
granite surface plate,$50.00
dial indicator w mag base in case,$125.00 <------SOLD
dial indicator lufkin in case- case rough,$50.00
" Mac dial indicator flex base .0001"" has china dro output",$150.00
"micrometers all name brand 0-5",$150.00
knkut bits GOOD USA bits!!!,$175.00
number bits China 1 broken,$25.00
large bits mt2 mt3 straight,$300.00
satrrett v blocks,$125.00
starrett speed indicator original wrapping!!,$25.00
angle plate shars,$40.00,,
mill bits china harbor freight 2&4 flute Light use.,$50.00
transfer punches,$25.00 <-----SOLD
Dumont small broach set,$150.00
"Long bits 12"" bits",$40.00
2 123 block sets,$50.00
bench grinder 3/4 horse works,$40.00
Economy engine model 1/2 finished with prints and old model generator,$500.00
Starrett Level,$100.00
drill doctor 500 used 2 times works great,$150.00
angle plate ,$25.00
large v block,$25.00
4 boring bars,$40.00
mitutoyo protractor,$25.00
Large Mill bits and misc small bits,$200.00
digital angle gauge,$25.00
Shars edge finders,$25.00 <------SOLD
hole gagues Mitutoyo 5/16-2 1/8,$40.00
Small Flycutter with bit,$20.00
2 large taps,$40.00
Wilton power arm,$200.00
1/2x20 5/8 jacobs chuck,$40.00
mt3-mt2 adaptor,$25.00

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