Improving a Cheap Arbor Press and Adding Tapping Feature

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Yes photobucket made a mess out of your photos...good idea about the arbor press...
I have already mentioned that I have a George Thomas Universal Pillar Tool which was serialised in ME and then went as a separate book and is now in GHT 's Workshop Techniques. I also mentioned that it is possible to make the arms out of scrap con rods from say BMC A Series scrap engines i.e. Mini and 1100 ones.
'Life gets tedious sometimes' Yeah I made mine from the Mk2 castings but- yeah, yeah.

Mine or so it was said, will fit on the saddle of a small lathe i.e. a Myford and can drill, divide and stake-- and put in jewels into watches as a sort of party piece. Oh yes, indeed! These old boys knew their stuff.

Long ago, I used to watch the local lasses making special whisky corks on some what better ones.
Now, I'd rather drink the stuff


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