Hit & Miss Engine Help Needed - Part 2 UPDATED

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Sep 11, 2013
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South Coast of New South Wales Australia
Hit & Miss Engine Help Needed - Part 2
Really appreciate all the help and advice that I have had from - Thank You. I've put this second help video up as I'm still stuck getting a spark and the wiring has me really baffled. I've tried to point out in the video what is confusing me, so I hope I have explained it well enough to be able to obtain some help and advice.....as always super appreciated guys.

Have Spark now !!!
Thanks again one and all, now have a really good spark using 4 x 1.5v AA batteries giving me 6v in total.
I can't get the engine to fire and start, any suggestions would be appreciated to get it firing.
I'm not 100% how to set the timing on these engines.
It has spark now, has fuel so what should I be looking for?

Just to check as my other H&M engines operate using a Hall Sensor.

Do I adjust the timing (spark firing) by adjusting this brass piece that pushes down to make the spark at TDC?


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