Hit & Miss Engine Help Needed - Part 2 UPDATED

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Sep 11, 2013
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South Coast of New South Wales Australia
Hit & Miss Engine Help Needed - Part 2
Really appreciate all the help and advice that I have had from - Thank You. I've put this second help video up as I'm still stuck getting a spark and the wiring has me really baffled. I've tried to point out in the video what is confusing me, so I hope I have explained it well enough to be able to obtain some help and advice.....as always super appreciated guys.

Have Spark now !!!
Thanks again one and all, now have a really good spark using 4 x 1.5v AA batteries giving me 6v in total.
I can't get the engine to fire and start, any suggestions would be appreciated to get it firing.
I'm not 100% how to set the timing on these engines.
It has spark now, has fuel so what should I be looking for?

You’ve got spark from the coil. Take the plug out and ensure that IT is sparking. is it wet? Set timing before tdc. try choking off the air with your Finger.
Just to check as my other H&M engines operate using a Hall Sensor.

Do I adjust the timing (spark firing) by adjusting this brass piece that pushes down to make the spark at TDC?