Plans for Perkins 1/4 scale Hit and miss engine

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John Seaton

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Jul 8, 2023
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Sheffield, England
I have recently acquired an incomplete set of castings for a Perkins 1/4 scale Hit and Miss engine.
The acquistion has come via a recent clear out of a home workshop.
I have seen that kits for the engine are still available, but I really need to get hold of a complete set of plans, preferably in electronic format for ease of transmittal.
However if such are not available I am happy to pay for overseas postage.
The plans are key to identifying all parts and location of those that are missing.
this is what you should have in a full kit

Thanks , most helpful.
There are a couple of items missing, but what I need most are the three construction drawings.
Any ideas from where I may be able to get copies?

Canadian Model Engineering would be my first port of call to see if they will sell you a set and they should also be able to supply any missing castings. In the past where I have had the odd sheet missing I have found the makers happy to send the missing sheets as pdfs
As they are still in business and still hold the copyright you are unlikely to find people willing share copies particularly to anyone who just joined a forum. Unfortunately there are those about who use fake names and will knock out reproductions of established designs.
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