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Jan 17, 2009
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Sioux Falls, South Dakota
I was wondering if anyone would be interested in buying Gypsy castings? I had a set made for myself and the foundry has more made. I bought the prints from John Chenery about 4 years ago, and he said he will sell the prints but not the castings. I have tried to email John again, but he must have changed his email address. If anyone knows how to contact him I would appreciate it.



What does it look like when completed?? Is be interested.
It looks like there is a fair amount of interest. I am also interested. You only show 2 castings, is that all there are? It would be nice to have the heads as well. Can you get another run at the foundry? Is this the engine sometimes called the Gypsy Moth?

It looks like the crankcase has the same machining issues as the Coles Holt 75 engine. I am building 3 of those this winter, so I will be tooled up for it.

I think the heads are barstock if memory serves me right. I did see, and may have the drawings for this, or one very similar. I also would be interested in some castings.
Still looking for John Chenery's email address or phone number. Can anyone help me out here? I don't think he would want me giving copy's of the blueprints to everyone.
Regarding John Chenery`s email, try, johnc-@msn-com
I bought a set of prints from him in the last 6 months.
Cheers, lantain1982
Ok everyone.
John Chenery emailed me and said he will sell the prints for the Gypsy. His email address is .... johnc- (at)
Then you can contact Abe at Keystone Pattern....keypat (at) and he is making the castings. Good Luck

I have been watching this thread for a little while. I have a centrifugal caster with an induction coil to melt the metal. If sombody made a good patern i would give casting them a go. it would be a lost wax casting.
My maximum cast weight is about 150 grams in bronze.I have produced a few high detail castings in bronze and the machine works well.


I just got my set in the mail today. They are very detailed. Abe really did a great job! The original castings were all solid, lots of machining had to be done. These even have detail on the inside.
Can we ask what the drawings and castings cost?
I am sorry but i should have made myself a little clearer. I was thinking of casting the head and possablly the rockers, not anyof the castings that are available from others, but any of the small items that there are a few of. Aliminium is no problem and I should also be able to cast steel in up to 50 gram quantities.

Can we ask what the drawings and castings cost?

I paid $60 for my prints a few years ago. Not sure how much Keystone Pattern is going to charge for castings. You will have to email them and ask.
This is an engine that was very popular with builders in the Strictly I.C. magazine. When Les passed away you couldn't buy the castings anymore. If you think you might build this engine some day, you better buy everything now before its too late.
Ouch!! What material are they cast in and what is the weight of the castings? Id like to see what the finished castings look like before making any decisions. That picture you posted was of the patterns??

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