Stuart Steam Boiler Feed Pump (SBFP) - Older set of castings - Anyone have an old drawing set?

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May 3, 2018
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Sun Valley, California
Years ago I bought box of various steam parts (loco and stationary). Lately I have rediscovered a small box containing most of the castings and hardware for the Stuart Steam Boiler Feed Pump (SBFP). The previous owner had started some machining, of varying quality. I have obtained the few missing gunmetal castings and the current drawing set (date of issue June 2007). Immediately it was apparent that my casting set is not like the current set. My frame and pump body were cast integrally in gunmetal; the current design is a cast iron frame and separate gunmetal pump body.

Some of the completed machined parts are so sufficiently off that I don't think he missed his mark, I think he was shooting for different dimensions. Does anyone have a drawing set of the older design they could share info about?

Otherwise I guess I'll have to remake the finished parts to the current dimensions.

Stuart doesn't currently recognize my cast set configuration.



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