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chuck rhoades

Jul 10, 2007
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This is an Upshur farm engine built from plans frm Strictly IC
BEAUTIFUL engine Chuck!
I take it the ignition coil is in the base.
Can you explain what it is and how it's timed to the engine?
The ignition is a buzz coil made from a 12 volt automotive relay. It is activated from a set of points on the side of the engine.

That is indeed the set of plans you need. The ones I got didn't have the detail for the hit and miss govenor. I designed that from info gathered on the web. It is an easy engine to build and can be done on small equiptment. The flywheels are only 3.5" in dia.
I sent for the back issues today. I’m hoping that I have the knowledge to follow the plans. So any advice you can give us will be welcome.