Fabricated Ignition Distributor for 4 cy. model i.c. engine

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I've always taken the better safe than sorry approach so all my distributors are 2" OD so far, haven't felt the need to experiment as they're always at the back end of the engine and don't attract much attention. also they're all clear acrylic plastic and polished to be transparent after machining so I can see what I'm adjusting !!! HTH, YMMV, VWPBL, yada, yada, yada...
Suggest possible use of "Scotchcast" kit resin.

It's available in a range of sizes and has a reasonably high dielectric strength as well as physical strength.

Normally used to fill the mould around underground cable repair/joints.
Petertha. No offence meant at all. I was just observing that "making" a distributor cap from using CAD to draw what you want and then a CAD-CAM machine or plastic printer, is just not the same as hands-on milling, drilling, turning etc. that you are doing - because that's what you enjoy, and CAN do.
I draw with Pencil, tee-square, paper, etc, use saws and files and lathes , drilling machines, millers, etc. - Then go and buy proprietary nuts and bolts, etc. because they are cheaper (and BETTER!) than I can make. But CAD doesn't excite me... 4 years in Design with a trammel board allowed me to think in a way I don't with CAD. Don't get me wrong, I don't knock technology, because it takes us so much faster to new ideas and solutions than old technology for design and manufacture. But CAD feels to me like buying bits someone else had designed and made and just bolting then together (inside the computer) so when you send it to the CNC machine or 3D printer the machine makes the bits - NOT ME! And I enjoy the hours removing metal to make something, just the same as the hours spent fishing in case a fish wanders by and takes the bait.... It is the occupation, not the final object that satisfies. Not just the "fish on the plate". I think we are of a similar ideology. We choose what we make, and buy bits we are less interested (or able?) in making.
Peter195124: Have you ever turned-off the lights to watch the distributor in complete darkness? - With a clear distributor cap that must make a lovely light show? I'd be interested to see a video... - Sparks across the contacts (rotor to cap contact) when the ignition fires, but not everywhere else I hope?
Fortune follows the brave!!!--I needed a new design project to get involved with, so I bought the drawings of "Upshur's Twin Opposed Engine". (Available from Model Builder Magazine issues 7 and 8 for $12 American dollars) and, what do you know---this engine has a distributor on it, complete with all detail drawings. The drawings are 2D and are quite excellent. I have modelled everything in 3D Solidworks, and I know a great deal more about distributors than I did two days ago.
I'm really curious. What does the distributor on that engine have that others don't? Being the old time hot rodder that you were I would think that you were fairly familiar with distributors. Not much to them really, a body, shaft, rotor, cap and wires.
George--I do know everything worth knowing about old style distributors when it comes to automobiles. What I meant to say is that I have no previous experience with distributors on model engines.---Brian

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