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Clausing 8530 Mill and Others For Sale

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Jul 8, 2009
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For Sale: Clausing 8530 Knee Mill

This is the later mill with the drip trays on the table and the 2 speed drive for the table on the right side. I've owned this mill for quite a while and it needs some clean up and work, here are the details:

Head is apart for clean up, quill it out, not sure on spindle bearing condition.
Largest sheave on spindle cone pulley has a chip.
New 3 phase motor (was going to drive with VFD)
Y axis lead screw needs repair or replacement. Rotated in bearings OK, but handle end is bent.
All guards and drive complete.
Some included tooling and Clausing Vise, on original base cabinet

These are great machines and was my original milling machine. A great machine to use. Tight and quality built mill. As life does with College and moves, this poor machine has seen some neglect and accidents (damaged lead screw). Now as I re-arrange the shop, I realize it must go. Located in South East PA, Asking $1295 or a reasonable offer and it will get a new home. PM for contact.

I will also be listing a few more machines for sale soon including a SB 10k, 16" South Bend, Bridgeport Mill (knock off base, True BP Variable speed head, Readout), and a few others. PM me your needs. Thanks!



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Apr 14, 2015
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I know it is probably not useful to ask but, is the Mill still for sale?

-Barronzm (Mike)

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