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For Sale Precision Matthews PM-940 CNC with LOTS of extra tooling for sale - $10,000

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Sep 6, 2022
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san francisco
Precision Matthews PM-940 CNC with LOTS of extra tooling for sale.
I am a self taught, home shop machinist. Everything I buy from my shop is top of the line.
If you want a COMPLETE CNC milling machine setup, this is perfect for you! No Kidding.

Fun Fact- You won't see many of these Precision Matthew cnc milling machines sold on Craigslist or other machinist online forums. They last forever and never fail their owners. The table has never seen the light of day since new. I immediately topped the table with a 1 inch thick aluminum tooling plate.

This is a unbelievable priced at only $10,000

Purchased 2/4/2017 PAID $9,449.00 INCLUDING SHIPPING

PM-940 CNC Variable speed milling machine with.
1. Cast iron base
2. Hardened ways
3. Automatic lubrication system for ways
4. Programable Variable speed
5. Complete 4th axis rotary table

Extra tooling as following
3 axis digital read out - value new $400
24 pieces Tormach TTS tool holders - value new $720
Tormach fly cutting tool - value new $165
Tormach hogging tool - value new $290
Haimer 3d Taster - value new $450
Tormach tapping head set - value new $459
Kurt Dx6 6" vise - value new $560
Dayton 4" 3-way Angle milling vise - value new $400
Aluminum fixture tooling plate - value new $400

Plus $1000 miscellaneous milling machine tooling including lots of carbide end mills. Custom DIY automatic draw bar assembly

I paid over $14000 for everything listed above. For a complete set of pictures, see my Craigslist post here: Precision Matthews PM-940 CNC with LOTS of extra tooling for sale -...

Selling for only $10,000. This is a once in a lifetime offer and perfect for someone who is setting up their own machinist shop. Serious inquires only. Please note: I am not physically able help you move the milling machine from my garage. You will need at least a few friends with the proper heavy machine moving tools. The move from the garage to the street is not that difficult.

Rod in San Francisco
415 350 five two 82


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