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For Sale Sieg KX3 CNC for sale.

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Apr 1, 2008
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I have recently obtained a Bridgeport Boss and I now need to sell my Sieg Kx3 CNC.

Running Mach3 on a Mini PC running Windows 10 and an Ethernet Smooth Stepper. I replaced the original C11 style interface board with a C25 Breakout Board with screw terminals. Wanted more inputs for limits and homing. Includes Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor. Has Tormach TTS tooling ( has a special 3/4 collet in the spindle and the tooling references off the end of the spindle) - 7 Tormach TTS ER20 holders 31829, A keyed chuck and a keyless chuck and a 10mm setscrew holder that I use as the reference tool as it is shorter than everything else. Also includes an R8 insert type face mill that is 1.5" in diameter. Works great in Aluminum.
This machine works great in aluminum, brass and plastic. I have machined steel, but, like all the small mills, it is not ideal for steel.
Cutter sizes. I does great with cutters up to 3/8, i have used a 1/2 ball mill, with lite cuts it did fine.

I have had the machine for going on 5 years. When I got it the previous owner had over tightened the gibs so I had to adjust everything properly to get it running. I have added Homing and limit switches and have run jobs over multiple days with multiple power cycles and it has held position for the production work I have done.

Travels - 13" in X, 5" in Y and 11" in Z.
Spindle - 5000RPM max. Does good from 2000 to 5000. Under 2000 the torque drops off.
Speeds - I have it set for 50IPM rapids. I have recently run a job in aluminum where I was taking a .025" depth of cut with a 3/8 carbide endmill in at 30 IPM. It does pretty well with light cuts and high speeds and that eliminates the problems with chips packing in the flutes.

Then original chip tray has long disappeared and I have a much larger and more effective tray, has had as much as 3 gallons of aluminum chips. will come with a 3" anglock style vise.

Asking $2500, shipping extra. Machine is located outside of San Benito TX and can be transported in the back of most SUVs and pickups. Weight is less than 500 Lbs.

I built a 2x4 frame under it when I bought it and slid it off the stand and onto a pickup. 2 people can load it without problem.
I would say that any potential buyers should not be put off by what has been said about cutting steel, they will do it as well as cast iron.

This is mine with a 3-flute carbide cutter 20" in/min feed, 0.024" (0.1D) stepover and 0.220" Vertical stepdown. If that was a 4-flute it could go at 27"in/min

This is a 3-flute carbide cutter for aluminium, 39in/min feed 0.024" stepover and 0.295" vertical

Both those stepover Ae and stepdown Ap are the type of cuts that makers suggest but chipload reduced to suit the smaller machine

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