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If there is a shaper in there | could be interested


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Here's a link to lots of the Myford Super 7 photos:
I tried to take photos of anything which might be associated with the lathe. I have no idea how I did or what the various items are! If you were after one, what would you think the value of all the related items and lathe is?
I should have added this to post 19. It introduces the idea of a photo record of all the stuff with comments.
Thanks. That's very useful. Of course I can't label most things I photo as I can't identify them, such as all the bits in the drawers in my linked photos of the Myford 7, above. But I could email photos to a few of the dealers you suggest who along with a price may tell me what something is.
There is a lot of valuable kit with that lathe, and most of it looks very little used or exceptionally well cared for. If the lathe has not been repainted, then that too is in exceptional condition for what I think must be a fairly an early power cross-feed example. I would expect someone who stores his kit that carefully to also have kept the paperwork.
Yes, there's a whole file on the lathe, with letters to/from Myford. One of which tells of two new balls sent to him (?).
I've now uploaded 131 photos of the largest machines, along with my numbered (incomplete) list, here:
Grab a coffee and have a mooch...

My next step is to try and find values on the named items (make/model marked on them) and search for what the other machines/bits might be so as to do the same.

NB. There are some numbered items which go together; some model engine bits (5" bogeys; static engine); a few un-numbered bits; a few photos of the workshop cabinets filled with model train bits.
I can fill in a few blanks:
2 - belt sander / linisher;
7 - on the grinder label, 687A is not what I would call a serial number - mine has the same number!
14 & 18 - are drilling machine vices;
16 - is an expensive milling machine vice apparently in mint condition;
15 & 22 - go together to form a Dore Westbury milling machine (quite likely made by your BiL);
17 - 95% sure this is a (very) high speed drilling machine;
23 - are bogies for a (5" gauge ?) driving trolley;
28 - is a GH Thomas design bending rolls, probably made by your BiL;
29 - is a GH Thomas design Pillar Tool, probably made by your BiL;
The Quorn Tool and Cutter Grinder (quite likely made by your BiL) appears to be a decent, workmanlike example;
After the Quorn is an item marked MA 1703/1. This Is a Myford dividing head.
15, 21 and 22 are the 2 parts of a Dore Westbury mill with what looks like a power feed. I am unsure about the head gear - mine looked different - so maybe this is the oil filled version which is much better. Ideally there should be drawings which would show the design. Take of the cover. If there are spur gears then it is the old design.

I have never never seem such a clean Myford which has a bran new pvc cover in one of the photos. Those covers cost about £40!

Best of luck

David - I feel for you in this difficult situation. I would expect to get around £2800+ for the Myford. The attached photo shows the main features you need to describe if you use eBay (which I suggest) I am unsure if it is the standard bed size or extended - I thing standard. The lathe is so clean and I can't see any paint chips which is very unusual. From the serial number you can determine the age. From the photo I can say it was made between March 1974 when the power cross feed was introduced and April 77 when the colour was changed to green. There are a number of interesting features which I have identified in the image below.

Best wishes

Its not a metric/Imperial dial. It is a dial assembly which converts the 1.25inch wheel rotation (1/8pitch lead screw) to 0.1inch per rotation via internal gears. This was sold by Hemmingway but no longer available.
Thanks all for your very useful posts and info. I'll update the list I did and start adding prices.
Wow, you have a lot of nice tools & tooling to sell, that Myford lathe is the crown jewel.....
If I was in the UK I would be interested to make you a offer on the {Myford}....I think that the shaper is a Atlas or a copy of one.??
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No.1 is a BCA jig borer , very sought after machine £700-£1500 depending on condition -it looks pretty good.
I have one myself.
Apologies for my absence, we've been out house hunting (found one!) and so I've been rather distracted.

I'm planning to add some values to the list of machines tomorrow and re-publish here for your perusal.
My wife and I are off down to my SIL Monday/Tuesday to help her clear out the worthless non-machine items from the garage and try to set out the machines in there for easier collection.

Meanwhile, there's a set of drawers near the Myford, two of which I photographed as "interesting" in their content as they seemed to contain Myford accessories.

Can anyone tell me what you see in these photos, below, and an idea if they're worth much in themselves?...

Many thanks for your continued help.


In the second picture there are two lathe chucks. The front one appears to be an independent 4 jaw but I can't see enough to be sure. The farther back is a chuck too but I can't see enough to tell just what kind.

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