2023 Black Hills Model Engineering Show - 9/24/23 Update

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Nov 19, 2010
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I have posted this on other threads, but I really thought it deserved a thread of it's own...

The Black Hills show was GREAT! The largest exhibitor turnout in many years. I was really please with the amount of people that drove so far to come to the show. It was good to see some old friends and faces. Looks like this show is turning out to be the big show of the west. Looking forward to 2024 already....


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Here are a few photos I took at the 2023 show. Many thanks to Mike and everyone that organized and set up the show. Looking forward to the 2024 show; the dates are September 28th & 29th.








Beautiful work, thanks for posting those pictures.

Does anyone have a closeup of the ball hopper monitor that can be seen on the left in the last photo ?

I really want to build one of those with a 2" bore.

Very nice, thanks much for posting those pictures.

What a nice color scheme.

Looks like a bit of weight added on the flywheel rim to help balance.

Thanks for the pic's. I've been there a couple times and I need to go again.
Those guys don't make models, they make jewelry!!!
Maybe I'll make it next year, as the date seems to be a week later.
Should be done cutting corn and before beet digging!!
The Monitor looks to the the PMD version, should not need added weights if the plans are followed and the weight reducing slots added to the inside face of the flywheel rims.
Thanks for posting pictures, especially the round engines! I'm going to have to put that event in my calendar. Not a bad drive from Calgary. Not ruling out attending the other bigger shows (or what remains of them) but further distance south, it would be a more involved trip. Question - was this formerly the same show in South Dakota? (extract from old NAMES website)


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