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Feb 25, 2010
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I'm thinking about replacing my old mill, a Grizzly Mod.G1005Z http://www.grizzly.com/products/Mill-Drill-Milling-Machine-25/G1005Z, with another Grilly Mill. Either a Mod GO619 http://www.grizzly.com/products/6-x-21-Mill-Drill/G0619 , or a larger Mod. GO484 http://www.grizzly.com/products/9-x-32-Gear-Head-Mill-Drill-with-Stand/G0484.
The old mill is a post type glorified drill press, which works fairly goog, except for the post mount, which is difficult to clamp and locate, the head has a tendency to creep upward a bit whem I'm milling. Also I screwed the gear tooth rack to the post so as not to have to relocate every time I raise the head for tool changes, but that also is not perfect. I only found that this type of mill was not the ideal milling machine after the fact. As I'm currently messing around with my first casting kit and I'm a tad nervous, I have decided to cut my losses and move on. The extra cost for the larger one is not a real big issue, bigger is better, but I also feel that I can get along with the smaller mill.
Not that either of my Grizzly choices for a new mill is the ideal milling machine, but rather an upgrade, which fits my budget. I would rather a Bridgeport, used or better yet new, but I don't have good luck with used equipment and new is out of the question.
The smaller GO619 is about the same size as my old mill, and my DROs will fit it, as well as my 3/8 clamping set. It also has a tilt head, a tapping feature and infinetly variable speed.
The larger mill has all of the above except variable speed, but does have a power feed column and table. It also has a base with a coolant trough and a work light.
I would appreciate comments from any of you who has either of these macines and also any comments pro or con as to my choices.
If you have the money and the space I'd go for the larger mill, it's going to be considerably more solid than the small one. Just make sure you can move it into place once it's arrived!

I think you would be going backward with the smaller one and would be looking to upgrade again in the near future.
Their are a lot of brands around that are like the larger one and I have seen them on sale over their a lot cheaper than Grizzly's price.
Here is one for $1,660

IMHO I would go with the Gear Head Mill. Much more beef for rigidity. Also the power feed on the Z and X are a very nice feature. If I had to buy another mill it would be that one.

I would also go with the larger one (G0484) looks very rugged and solid with nice features. I think the cast iron base is a nice feature as well, maybe not so important but nice. If money is not an issue, granted its $880.00 more but I do think its still worth it!

Go for it!


Well guys, it seems to be unanimous, I was leaning toward the bigger one myself. Thanks for the reinforcement. It was my frugal side telling me to settle, which is why I ended up with the wrong machine in the first place. The guy at Grizzly even told me they did not recommend it for milling, but I put it down as trying to sell me a more expensive machine. Grizzly ought to start calling the round post machines, "The Glorified Drill Press Machine". As far as cost is concerned, I gotta keep reminding myself that I'm only playing, as I tend to get carried away on play time stuff.
My first choice was the GO519, at $1695, which seems to be the GO484 without the buttons and whistles. The GO519 only comes in three phase and it looks very similar to the Enco that Davo referred me to.
I chose Grizzly mostly because they have fairly decent machinery for the price and a location about an hour from me, I can go look at it and they will probably have it in stock. I'll save shipping but will have to pay PAs 6% sales tax.
Back to being frugal, do you think it's OK to cut a DRO scale. My way of thinking is I could get by with only buying one new scale for the X-axis. All the scales on my machine are going to be to small for the new machine, if I try to use them for their current function. If I could cut them I can relocate the current Y-axis to be the new Z and the current X to be the new Y, and the old Z might work on the tailstock of my lathe. These are the type of scales sold by Shars.
Good luck with the purchase Gus, and whatever you get don't forget th_wwp when it's installed ;D

Dave, yep that's the scale. I didn't think it would cause problems either.
Vic, It may be a while before I can post a picture of it, THERE'S NOT ONE IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY :rant I called to see if it was in stock at Muncy, none there or anywhere else I was told. They are on back order til' February. I'm pretty bummed out. Usually when I make up my mind, I have to have it NOW, before I have reservations and change my mind. Hmmm, maybe the Emco mill is in stock. I'll let you guys know, I have to think a bit by the wood stove.
PS, not the first time I got back ordered by Grizzly, waited 3 months for an end mill a couple years ago.
Generally I agree that bigger is better, but the bigger mill has a gear drive and a rather slow spindle speed. For model work we often use small cutters and need much higher speeds. The gear head is also a noisy beast.

Im not sure what I would do. I just got a KX1 CNC mill and it has a 7,000 rpm spindle. A very nice machine for small work.
You dont say where you are located, so its hard to estimate the local used market. Here in Detroit, there are businesses closing everywhere, we have a tremendous amount of used machinery available.

I spent three months, basically full time, checking craigslist, auctions, and generally sizing up the used machine market. I eventually found a dirty, unloved, Millport, for $550 on ebay, of all places. I passed up a lot of similar machines in the sub $2k range.
RonGinger said:
Generally I agree that bigger is better, but the bigger mill has a gear drive and a rather slow spindle speed. For model work we often use small cutters and need much higher speeds. The gear head is also a noisy beast.

Im not sure what I would do. I just got a KX1 CNC mill and it has a 7,000 rpm spindle. A very nice machine for small work.

Man I just watched a youtube video on your CNC mill and that thing cut very nice, looks like it may be $4-5k price tag though.....can you still buy these?

Here is the video:
Vic, That Warco looks like a nice one. What does 1300 pounds translate to in US. I'll bet shipping would be a killer.
I'm also going to cruise around on Craigs List and Ebay. I'm starting to ask myself if I really want to hang out with the Grizz, there are other apples in the basket.
£1300 = $2000 at current rates but I expect the US price would be lower - we always seem to pay more for stuff over here :(

Vic, Looked at the Warco mill again, and I'm starting to drool. Do you know if they have a US address.
Generatorgus said:
Vic, Looked at the Warco mill again, and I'm starting to drool. Do you know if they have a US address.

Hi Gus, they are only a UK dealer as far as I know. This is another version also UK only so you can see the cosmetic difference and name: http://www.chesteruk.net/store/626_turret_mill.htm

Try doing a search for VMC or 626 milling machine, I'm sure someone in the USA must import them from China?!

Well, after much thought and time on my trusty computer and despite of my little darling's comments "What do you need that for?" and "What's wrong with your old one?", I still hadn't made up my mind. The Grizzly machine was supposedly backordered, and the next time I went to the website, it was gone off the radar.
Not wanting to trust the images on my monitor, I decided to take the 60 mile drive to Grizzly at the Muncy PA location, and take a look at put my hands on some machines so I could make my decision. "I'm just going to look", I told myself, not wanting to run off half cocked and buy something I would regret. But, at the last minute, I stopped to dig out my secret envelope, just in case.
When I got there, the GO484 that I wanted, was sitting there with a "not currently in stock" sign on it. On to the next logical choice, it was in stock, but now I'm another grand higher than my first choice, and the power feed would break my bank.
I spied a salesman and questioned him as to when the GO484 would be available. and in the course of conversation told him how it disappeared off the radar. A quick check on his computer told him it was discontinued. Being quick to think I asked if I could buy the floor model. He said he didn't see why not as it would have to be taken off the floor anyway.
Long story short, It is now sitting in my shop where my old mill sat.


Took me all day.
Nice one Gus
u were lucky the missus did not find your secret envelope
lucky so and so, lol

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