Using a lathe to make Painted Yahtzee

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Feb 12, 2009
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Clovis Ca
Simple fun project for whole family on your lathe.
I have used the lathe for a lot for painting of engine parts it give nice finish. Use about 50 RPM.

Here simple project that makes a lot women happy . Back in 1995 the had Painted Yahtzee for the computer. They never made dice for this game.

Need to cover bedway and part lathe you do want dots on.

Wash off dice using rubbing alcohol. Use your 4 jaw self centering chuck and chuck up the dice for painting. It takes 5 colors using Testors 9146XT Promotional Enamel Paint. Note you buy purple or mix that color.
Now just just use tool post to steady your and paint each color let dry between colors.
Some dates you need to use white in dots to stand out.
You can only paint one color at time for color Painted Yahtzee dice then let dry overnight.

Note does not have lathe but some case the wife will happy that you use lathe for something fun. I hand painted my dice 🎲. Try sharpie it was OK.
The rules paint layout and score cards are below in PDF



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  • 1) Painted Yahtzee Dice Colors.PDF
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I hope everyone will post things they did for wife or girl friend here.

It makes building engines and working a lot easier.

Here update to rules and scorecard.

Have fun


  • 2A) Painted Yahtzee rules(1).PDF
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