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Thanks, no rush.
I'm playing with my own design for a soleplate. I can mill it out of aluminum bar stock.
I've been searching for pix, and I found quite a few that show the details of the soleplate.
Hi Jeroen; Have built this kit myself & I found the standard had a chilled skin around the cylinder flange so keep an eye out for it. I had some probs with the crankshaft initially but nothing that couldn't' be overcome, the other bit that you will have to take care is where the bearing blocks fit I used a ball end cutter to keep the radius as true as possible. Machining the feet of the standard takes some setting up but with a bit of ingenuity can be done simply, I made a aluminium faceplate to machine the cylinder flange then found it was better to set the standard up in the mill, using the cylinder flange as a ref. & machine the feet that way thus keeping the feet parallel to the cyl. Flange. Another problem I found was that the cylinder bore was some way out of concentricity in the casting... bad casting in the kit, so had to eyeball set up as near as dammit to run evenly.

Some pics of the machining... there are more in my album in MEW forum... 'Mechman48'.
Plus a video of completed engine running.


Alternative faceplate mounting (1).JPG

Alternative faceplate mounting (4).JPG

S10V  cyl.casting core (1).JPG

S10V base (6).jpg

S10V base (9).jpg

S10V casting hard skin (2).jpg

S10V boring standard  (1).jpg

S10V boring standard  (2).jpg

S10V conrod machining set up (1).jpg

Cylinder set up & machining (1).jpg

Cylinder set up & machining (3).jpg

Cylinder set up & machining (5).jpg

S10V conrod machining set up (2).jpg

S10V crankshaft assembly (2).JPG

S10V Standard machining revised (5).JPG
I'm looking for details on machining the main bearings. Especially locating the casting for machining in the 4-jaw chuck. Same for locating the steam chest.
Thanks. I've recently read through homews, but I don't recall a piece on the bearings. I'll look again.
I did just figure out a mounting for my Starrett "Last Word" on the Sherline lathe. I was able to do a reasonable job on the two bosses of the steam chest. Should work out for the main bearings as well.
The parts for the 10H and 10V are very close.

Edit: That helps! Use a 3-jaw chuck with packing instead of a 4-jaw check for the bearings.