Shriner parade car

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Really nice work Steve! I like the nice silver paint job on the one "Workbench" ( I hope that is not your wife's ;) )

Back in the day, many decades ago I could imagine seeing you driving the bigger version in the parade and being followed by your trained Capucin monkey wearing a fez driving the little one. But those days are long gone.

Front axle was painted this morning. Had to fine tune a few things but the alignment should be good and the spindles stick straight out when the steering gear is centered.

That was a printed tire. Im supposed to get 5 of them as soon as the guy printing them gets caught up. I do plan to put foam in them but they wont change much. Thats what a 2 inch tire looks like.
Didn't mean the tire profile looked flat, I meant the tire looked like the sidewall had collapsed and the rim was sitting on the ground. Your planned foam insert should help that issue.
Wow, a lot can happen when you turn your head for a minute! There is some sort of magic involved, I just know it!

edit- addition-
"Out of the clutter and chaos of this magical workshop, arises a stunning beauty of untold elegance."
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