Scratch built mini traction engine

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Feb 25, 2011
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Almost done.

Inspired by LS Loc mini traction engine, following lines of Mamod Te1.

Functional steering and hinged/opening smoke-box door.




This is insane! Don't suppose you have a build log?
I’m with oneKone, I like it! How are you firing it, and can we have a peek at the boiler inside the firebox?
Thanks all.

No build log, sorry. I had planned to take some pictures of all the parts before assembly but forgot all about it until it was to late.

Will try and get a better shot inside door, please understand the door is tiny.

Scuttle holds meth for wick burner.



Thanks guys, much appreciated.

Wheelbase 60mm
Height 70mm
Width 55mm
Overall length with scuttle 99mm

I have steamed it up and given it a short run. Will get a vid done as soon as i sort out a small issue with burner. Either the wicks are to tight or feed pipe is to small, i think it is the later. Will try and fix it today.

Have not had a chance to sort out teething issue. Here is a short poor quality vid to show it does run. Will post something better asap.
Smallest steam engine I know is this one. Made by David Bramall - of Yorkshire. (They like to use the least amount of "brass" that they can!).
The cigarette lighter gives the scale... ~2 1/2in long? Bigger than the boiler! The gas tank and burner is on the left of the boiler and engine. The flame is about 1/2in long... and stays lit for 5 mins inside the boiler firetube. Just long enough to use almost all the water from the boiler... He made about 20 nozzles before getting the burner to work successfully...
The engine is a double acting, piston valve, single cylinder.
Sorry about the poor quality photo...
Smallest steam plant.JPG
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