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Jan 22, 2020 at 3:52 PM
    1. patternmaker
      Once you have filed the parting line, you then need to grab the flyheel inbetween the spokes, preferably with a six jaw chuck , since this needs to run as true as possible to look correct and be as balanced as possible when the engine is running. It will also allow you to machine most of the flywheel without rechucking it and makes it easy to machine the opposite side.
    2. patternmaker
      I would like to throw in some info on general machining of cast flywheels. Unless they are lost wax cast or die cast, they will never be 100% concentric side to side. The first thing you need to do is go around the inside of the rim between the spokes and file the flash off the parting line of the sand casting.
    3. karlw144
      New at this pm stuff. I’m in the Detroit area. If you want to chat, my cell is(248) 231-2137.
      1. Jack3M
        I am not much of a phone talker, I do email well,
        Again, I am not going to start for some time on this, although I am casting some practice blanks for cutting gears. Looks like I have to make the tool to cut the gears, thus..............
        Jan 5, 2019
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