Stuart Twin Victoria from scratch

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That has been modified and shown in one of the more recent posts.

I'm a bit emabarrased and sorry about that. I haven't been online for a few weeks, and when I looked at this thread, it showed that post as the last one posted, so I thought I was replying to the latest post in the thread. Now I look and there are two more pages of posts. Dunno what happened there.

Glad to see that the engine has already finished. Looks great, nice work, Be proud of what you've done

It makes me want to break my "Single Victoria" out of the S.T. Shrink wrap and start working on it. (I won't need to finish a few projects first!)
It is pretty! Time for a video at some point I think...
I will, need to make an intake manifold, and get a bigger compressor or use an old tank I have as a storage tank. Thanks
Great looking engine and a smooth runner. Thanks for sharing.