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I've been working in the plans of this engine for some time. Currently I am analyzing the Kugelfischer mechanical injection to check if something can be done in the model, although it seems to be extremely complex. If anyone is interested, we can make this as a group project. Currently I am working in a Edwards Radial 5, but I can work on the design.

it would be an interesting but extremely complicated project, very precise mechanical machining is required, we are talking about microns of mm
about the injection I saw on Youtube that someone uses Speeduino to manage the injection, it would be possible to use a small commercial injector, built by Marelli for the Fiat engine
Anyone have information about this?
Actually, throttle body injection is possible. Lee Root had a 4-banger running with injection way back at the PRIME shows. That engine is currently in the Sherline museum but they are respecting Lee's desire not to share his designs so the information is not available. Robert Washburn (Strictly IC editor) was working on a prototype TBI when he died. He and a friend from Europe (forgot his name) had used a small injector from Bosch if I remember correctly. Sato has or had an injector for one of their engines. I don't see it listed by Tower Hobbies.

it's a pity it's not possible to have information about this project, it would be really interesting, I don't understand why not to share experiences, in our hobby, shared experiences are necessary to grow
I have a load of mates from the UK that worked for the Ferarri F1 team there, night part of the world

Currently Mercedes F1 is unbeatable, this year Ferrari will have a new more powerful engine with an innovative injection system. I hope it will be a better season for Ferrari, at least not to make it to the bottom of the standings like 2020 :confused:
The Porsche 917 is close to my heart. I saw it race in the 1970 Sebring 12 Hour. I also build plastic and die cast models. I'm currently building the 1969 Ford GT40 in 1/8 scale:
https://www.model-space.com/build-the-ford-gt-model-car-us.htmlI have been waiting for someone to come out with a 1/8 scale 917 model, but so far I've been teased but no model yet.
$1400. sounds expensive, but is it typical for an 1/8 scale kit?
Currently Mercedes F1 is unbeatable, this year Ferrari will have a new more powerful engine with an innovative injection system. I hope it will be a better season for Ferrari, at least not to make it to the bottom of the standings like 2020 :confused:
I worked for amg Petronas in 2014 and 2018-2019 too, they're still way ahead with the electrics and I would like to see them beaten to restore some competition to the sport hopefully this is the case 👍
Wow, what a great project again!

Seems like there was an 1:4 version of this engine (the later turbocharged one) made back in the '80ies, including mechanical fuel injection...

The mechanical injection and the double turbo are very very interesting but not very nice aesthetics, the big pipes are not proportionate to the model
Thanks for sharing link , there is always something to learn
If you are looking at premade rings and perhaps pistons, take a look at Honda's small four stroke engines like their mini rorotiller. Forget the size but pretty small, perhaps even 26 mm! Bought one and very nicely made esp the oil control ring.
My project is taking shape

Here is the crankshaft half box
The crankshaft has a gear in center that transmits the rotation to 2 secondary shafts, one for the 2 distributors and the cooling fan, the other for scavenge pump and lubrication pump
The gear on the crankshaft also transmits rotation through a gear train to the 4 camshafts
scatola pompa albero mot 36 sotto.jpg
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Composite crankshaft

I decided to make the crankshaft divided into several parts to introduce a gear in the center and to bring the oil in all points, 6 connecting rods and 8 main bushings.
The low thickness bushings are commercial and easy to find , each pin is perforated in the center to bring oil where it is needed .
The holes are subsequently closed with grub screws

albero composto biella cil.jpg

albero composto.jpg
Fascinating - - - the very big Wartzila Sulzer diesel starts as a 5 cylinder and not only the block but the crank use bolt on extensions to go all the way to 9 cylinders.

Thinking something similar to what you have here is done on the big boy.

(What are you drawing this in?)

Good on you, mate!!
Wow, very clever design👍👍 on the crank
Will follow your build thread for sure.

P.S.i finished the cylinder liners and the cam shaft for the holt. Will send you some pics soon.
Regards Michael

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