PIP 3 Cylinder Radial

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Dec 18, 2013
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Victoria, Australia
I have been working on a 3 cylinder radial for a few months, this is where I am upto at the moment
Had a carpel tunnel op so taking it easy for a while


I will add more photos of parts and setups

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Looks good so far. I looked long and hard at a set of Pip plans and finally decided to build an Edwards 5 cylinder instead. I didn't like the crankcase induction system and I wanted whatever I built to be spark ignition. The Edwards looked to be a better choice. We shall see.
Off to a good start

PIP was featured in Model Engine Builder mag, over three issues if I remember rightly. Digital back issues still available quite reasonably priced
This is the diffuser it is driven by a pin in the crankshaft and this will also drive the distributor through a gear box
This might answer some questions that danallen and petertha had about ignition
I plan to use a hall effect sensor for the spark ignition


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The distributor and gearbox is my own design as others mentioned this was originally designed as a glow plug engine, that would be the reason the intake is through the crankcase to lubricate the bearings
I think if the through the crankcase intake doesn't work very well it would not be to hard to plug the intake hole and change it so it goes straight through the intake valves.

This is the gearbox I came up with to drive a distributor


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Machining the master rod, the larger hole is threaded and the bronze bearing the goes in it is threaded also, it has to be made this way because the bearing is screwed in to the rod after it is installed in the engine and on to the crankshaft, because there is no way you can get it on the crankshaft with the bearing installed in the rod first
The bronze bearing is locked in place by the slave rod pins, these pins are also threaded and screw into the master rod



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