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Sold Paul R. Breisch 1893 Cornwall Blowing Engine Casting Kit with Drawings

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Jul 31, 2010
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Paul R. Breisch 1893 Cornwall Blowing Engine Casting Kit with Drawings
A model of an engine that is currently on display at Cornwall Furnace in PA. The original engine was built in 1893 by West Point Foundry Co. of Cold Spring, NY.
3/4 in. Diameter cylinder Bore x 2 in. Stroke
Aluminum Base Casting (3 in. x 15 in.)
8 7/8 in. Diameter Flywheel
7 Brass Castings (Engine Bed, Flywheel, Bearings, Caps, Cylinder, Heads, Cross Head Guide Supports)
This casting kit has not been produced for many years. Here is your chance to own this perfectly aged kit.

$270.00 Plus shipping anywhere.

Cornwall Blowing Engine.JPG
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Is this casting kit available and do you have a set of build drawings. I’m your buyer,
[email protected]


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