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For Sale Magnum 91 casting kit plus some extras

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Sep 4, 2011
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I have a casting kit of the Magnum 91 (15cc) r/c plane engine. This was originally put out by Morris Moser, at least that's what the drawings show. Best I can tell is that it's from the early 90's. I picked this up several years ago and then proceeded to add to my casting kit collection to the point that I'd be lucky to finish them all if I lived to be 150 yrs old. So, something has to go. You will get the crankcase, machined aluminum cylinder, finished piston rings, rocker arm frame with bushings, a pack of nuts and bolts, valve springs, there are some valves in there, but they aren't the correct size for this engine, all needed ball bearings, and there is also a pick up for an electronic ignition. Also included are the plans which are very thorough and detailed. There are some hints and tips in there also. There is a 3/4" dia x almost 2" long piece of brass.

This can be built as a marine engine, air cooled glow, or air cooled ignition. All versions are included in the instructions. I'll answer any questions the best I can. This is exactly what I received when I purchased it. Again, it's just low on my list of engines I want to build so I thought I'd let this one go.

I'll let it go for $130 shipped through USPS with tracking in the USA.



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