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Wanted Outboard engine plans

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There are plans available for an outboard motor which is actually a two cylinder "air motor". The engines are "wobblers". I haven't seen any plans for a gas engined outboard motor.---Brian
I've fancied doing one of the early outboards for some time the ones with the large flywheel at the top with the handle for starting on that but not seen anything in the way of drawings. I think an early Evinrude or Caille would make a nice model and probably easier to do than a more enclosed modern type.

The electric one Brian mentions is this one though there were others for model boats. Quite simple to make and the electrical part is exactly the same principal as the replica horizontal I made a few years back.


My replica horizontal
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This is a good basis for a model sized outboard, it uses a conventional model aircraft/boat shaft valve engine.

The power head base was all cast in a polyester fibreglass material with the flex drive up to the gear all embedded in the leg.

I had one it was OK and a bit of fun.





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I've got a old Johnson Light Twin outboard in bits under the house. Could take some photos and measurements if people are interested.

The engine is unserviceable, due to rust related cracking of one of the cylinders.
Not come across any plans for model outboard motors, you may have to design and draw your own plans, a lot of years ago I remember the commercial made model out boards, (When I was into model boats) The Allyn Sea Fury and the Fuji out board both glow plug motors if you put those names into Google it will give you the idea what they look like.

thanks everyone ,great info and lots to think of.
Nerd, thanks for the offer but i have several outboards here
Olympic, thanks for the print.
Mike, As I'm novice and have more more failures than Success lol I'm doubting my ability
but I'm going to do it
I put a 65 hp Mercury outboard power head on a go cart. 0 to 87 mph in 4 seconds. I sold the go cart but still have 2 engines ready to bolt to a go cart that need a new home.

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I have 2 Mercury outboard power heads that have been setting in the shop for 20 years they need a new home. I'm not racing these anymore & no one else in our area is either. I'm not willing to ship these I just can't do it setting in a wheel chair. Old age sucks, knees, hips, back, are wore out. You come get the engine you can have it. I am 30 miles south of Nashville TN on interstate I-24 only 1 minute from Medical center parkway exit. Engines are already to bolt to a go-kart frame. 65 hp is producing about 70 hp with the open exhaust system plus gasoline mixed with 20% diesel fuel produces 20% more power the 65 hp engine is 84 hp.
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