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Sep 6, 2012
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I haven't been able to do much machining for a while because I've been busy dealing with real estate issues - but it's all in service to a good cause. I've been working out of 1 bay of a 3 bay garage, but the space was limiting the number and size of machines I could have. I wanted a bigger shop for dedicated wood/metal areas and with some covered space outdoors to do metal casting in all weathers. Here's the result:

40x50 ft with two roll up doors:

Inside view:

There's an RV cover on one end. I don't have an RV, so I'll use this space for doing metal pours and storing materials:

This should keep me busy for a while... dreams of cast iron cupolas with 6 foot flames, trying doing that in the suburbs...
Blimey that's some shed I've worked in smaller factories :)
Wow thats huge.

I don't like mine anymore :(

Only joking ;)

Good stuff you should be able to fit lots of machinery in there and still have plenty of room to move.

What, no straddle crane?????
Just kidding; A great shed and what dreams are made of, and dreams for-filled inside.
Make sure we get to see the cupola build/use and also the machine fitments/use.

>What, no straddle crane

I'm thinking about it...

I want to get a bigger lathe - about 13" x 40"
I'm thinking about the problems of getting it into place- and I think a gantry crane that could straddle the bed of a pickup might be just the ticket for this and other jobs. If I can find some surplus I-beam I can go to work with the OA cutting torch and put something together.
With a straddle crane you will be able to change the chucks when you are old and doddery (like some of us)


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