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Jul 2, 2022
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Brisbane, Australia
I live in Brisbane, Queensland.
I've been retired for more than twenty years, having worked in Radio Engineering and Information Technology.
Some 50 years ago when I lived in Canberra (our National Capital), I bought a really old lathe (4 foot long) from an Estate auction of the old town machinist at Cootamundra in central New South Wales. I learned to use it with help from a couple of mates who had been trained machinists. It came with me when I relocated to Brisbane. It served me well when I build two kit-cars (Lotus-7 replicas) when I first retired.
We have since downsized to a smaller, inner-city house and the old lathe had to go as it was too big for my small outdoor shed.
After a few years keeping myself active with Amateur Radio projects, I decided I wanted a lathe again for other projects, and a few months ago I bought a new Mini Lathe out of China that fits in my shed. Its a VEVOR brand 210 x 350mm, not much more than a toy, but it will do all that I need to do now that I'm done with building cars.
I hope to be able to make something small from the range of plans that are available from this forum and I look forward to keeping busy doing it.


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