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Dec 24, 2012
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First off I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!
Thanks for having me here on the forum. It looks like some wonderful,helpful folks here.

I have been interested in building a Sterling engine for a few years now and decided to take the leap. I may have jumped off a very high cliff as I chose a set of plans from Mr Howell. The "Beamer" which he lists as a difficulty 9.

I do have a shop that has most of the machines and tools needed.
Here is condensed list and a few pictures.
13 x 40 gap bed Enco lathe
Unimat table top lathe
6 x 26 HF knee mill
HF bench drill press
Hamilton? drill press
Harig Super 612 surface grinder



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Nice shop , nice intro welcome to the forum.

Thanks for the welcome,

I had to dig a bit but here is my Enco lathe. This lathe has a bit of an interesting past. I purchased it new in 1994, sold the business lock stock and barrel that I used the lathe in. About a year ago I was contacted by the new owners if I was interested in having some of my old machinery back. Long story, short, in Sept of this year the lathe made it back to my shop in Wi.

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