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      dalem9 reacted to AlanS's post in the thread Fowler BB Ploughing Engine (unfinished) with Like Like.
      Thanks for the welcome messages I received after becoming a member yesterday. I mentioned in my introduction that I was currently...
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      dalem9 reacted to creast's post in the thread k 27 wheels with Like Like.
      Only just picked up on this thread. Unbelievable craftsmanship! Hope your health improves quickly. Rich
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      dalem9 reacted to GreenTwin's post in the thread k 27 wheels with Like Like.
      Glad you are hanging in there. I had to build a hoist to get things up and down the stairs. Hoists are a game changer for sure. .
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      dalem9 replied to the thread k 27 wheels.
      It's been long time sense I have posted. I have had two more surgeries. Very rough ones, but I am back in the shop. I made a hoist so I...
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