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Lars N

Nov 10, 2023
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I am a new member and thought I would share some pictures of my engines I have finished so far. They are all pretty good runners except for the sealion which still needs work

Please bear with me, I am not sure the pictures will show in the right order, not an expert IT guy :)

Pic1: A model of the mercedes 1909 aero engine 4 cylinder. It is made from castings (block and cylinders). Runs on gasoline, but I have glowplug ignition on this one as the scale was for me too small to do a good looking point/distributor.
Pic2: A Sealion model. Currently not a good runner as I am having compression issues with no3 cylinder. Ignition works fine. I thought the issue resided with the valves but did new seats and valves and still bad compression so I will replace my CI piston rings with viton o-rings to see if I have a bad set of rings
Pic3: A Redwing hit and miss. I loved this model when I saw it first time and the castings were great to work with. No porosity and I think it is my favourite model so far
Pic4: a Flamelicker model that was suppose to be a quick build but took far longer than I expected :)
Pic5: my first scale model engine, a Stuart 7A


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Hi Peter,
Thank you for your reply. You are absolutely right about the castings. I bought them from Heinz quite a few years ago, and had some correspondence with him during the build. I did see the castings listed on "the engineers emporium" in the UK now. If anyone is interested I think I still have a folder of building pics on my approach to this engine if anyone would be interested