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May 23, 2013
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Hello all!

Another member here enticed me to join these forums so here I am. I'm from Delaware and am interested in a variety of metalworking processes including but not limited to welding, casting, machining, and some forging. I'm interested in applying these skills to a variety of things, model engines included, particularly steam.

I work as an IT support technician, but did spend some time as a professional welder working on railcars. In my home shop I'm setup for stick, TIG, MIG, air-carbon arc gouging, and oxy-fuel for cutting/heating/brazing/welding.

I'm completely new to machining but own a lathe and mill which I'm getting ready for use. After these projects I'll be finishing the crucible furnace I started years ago.

I'm currently in the process of renovating my lathe, a 1945 13" South Bend. I'm almost done... should be mounting the gear box and lead screw tonight and buttoning everything else up this weekend.

This lathe when I brought it home had 7 layers of paint, all of them putrid and in places paint doesn't belong. It also had untold amounts of dirt, chips and some rust, but none that caused serious corrosion. All of the lubrication felts were caked in sludge. The machine was totally unusable without a tear down.

This is what it looked like right after I unloaded it from the truck. (The door was removed for transportation.)


Here's what she looks like so far:


After I finish the lathe, I will be turning my attention to cleaning and assembling a Republic Lagun 10x50 mill. I bought this a few years ago, it was already taken apart but I'm pretty sure everything is there. The company is still in business and getting replacement parts if necessary is easy enough.

Not my picture, obviously, but it looks similar to this.


Since this is a model engine forum, I'll share a steam engine my Pop-Pop and I built back when I was in Middle School many years ago. The plans are from the "Boy's book of motors engines and turbines" by Alfred Morgan. It was made without use of a metal lathe or any machine tools. The piston was "turned" to size with a bench vise, standard electric drill, and a file.

Despite the crudeness it works surprisingly well. Now that I have all the cool toys, I would like to build another one like it using more advanced materials and methods.

Welcome aboard!! What bum referred you to this site, man the nerve of that guy ;) LOL
That lathe transformation is awesome. Welcome to the forum.


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