Looking for Ron colonna offy plans

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I am interested in the book for $40 if it's still available.

Thanks, Jack
Guys: The first batch of thumb drives for the Offy Manual are ready to ship. The price will be $25 plus $5 shipping via first class mail. Domestic orders only. I will need a mailing address via email. You can pay via PayPal or by personal check to: Ron Colonna, 107 LexingtonDrive, McKeesport, Pa. 15135 Hope this is satisfactory to those of you who were interested.
Hi all, the book that I offered for sale above on Tuesday has been sold. Thanks for asking about it.
Can they be download as a PDF for overseas buyers, cheaper no postage
I am unable to transfer those files to my IPad. The computer where they reside will not connect to the internet so I am unable to email them to the IPad and the IPad doesn’t have a USB port to accept them. I am not interested in buying another computer. My IPad is the only device that I have with an email capability. I might be able to transfer those files when I can pay a visit to my son in the near future. Until then, I will need to do it this way. Sorry
Hello Ron, just sent you payment for the thumb drive.
Thank you very much
Hi Ron,

If things change I would love a copy either PDF or thumb drive will pay the cost plus postage if you every decide to make
available to us overseas.

Thank you
Barry McDowell
Barry: I can ship to Australia if you are willing to pay the extra postage. I can check with the post office on Monday for a price. I have shipped to the UK at $14.25 and Canada at $10.50, just to give you an idea. This is for a 3 ounce package via First Class Mail Postage costs are ridiculous. Ron Colonna
Thanks Ron. Let me know the postage costs and the total and I will send the funds. Paypal if possible.

My email is: [email protected].

Thank you

Hey Ron.

I've been searching on and off for the Offy Plans for Eons. Good to see you chime in and know you haven't fallen of the perch/carked it.

I viewed an Offy years ago at an exhibition in Melbourne and was fascinated by the engineering and skills of people who design and build such exquisite engines.

I am, as Barry "oldboy" is, very interested in procuring a copy of the plans. Please post herein prices for shipping to Aust, or PDF's. Very happy to Paypal you what ever is required.

Hoping someone starts a detailed thread on the Offy build in the near future.

Kind Regards,

Great Southern Land.
Ron just sent the fund via PayPal for the thumb drive.

Thank you
Recieved my thumb drive today. Thanks.

Ron aka ozzie46

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