Looking for PTFE @ 25% or greater Graphite 1" dia. rod to make piston rings

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Nov 1, 2023
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I'm replacing the O-rings with PTFE in my two steam engines powering a 63-inch scale model of the US Army Corps of Engineers snagboat, W.T. Preston. I only need a small amount- around 10 inches or so to machine the piston rings. I've gotten quotes from manufacturers, however, they all require minimum orders that are way more than I need: $500 in one case. The two rings will only use less than 1/2" of stock. Drop me a note at [email protected] if you have a remnant of this material. I will gladly pay for it and the mailing cost. I'm in a small logging town near Olympia, WA See the attached photo of the model. It took 4 years to build and 2 1/2 years to make the two steam engines. They are replicas of Preston's Gillette & Eaton engines. If you know of a supplier of PTFE with 25% or more graphite that doesn't require a large minimum order, leave a note.

I have a complete build log on RC Groups/Boats/Scale Boats/1/32 Scale W.T. Preston Sternwheeler Build




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