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Jan 4, 2010
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mays landing NJ.
I am hard soldering a small boiler that will run at 30 lbs PSI . It will test at 60 lbs PSI. The front head is leaking at at least two spots.
I cannot remove the head to re- flux because the copper rod stay is in . I would probably destroy the front head if I tried to remove it.
The boiler is 1-1/2" copper . The head is 1/8" thick x 1-1/2" diameter. I turned a 1/16" recess for the solder pieces to fit in. I used Harris black flux and Harris 1/16" silver solder .
I searched for a liquid flux that might work. I did find Batterns self pickeling liquid flux that is for hard solder up to 1600°.
Has anyone used this product? Is there another or better way .
thanks, mike

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