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    • Ozwes007
      An interesting point on engine design and camshaft choice is the same cam profile on a large engine used on a small engine produces an...
    • Ozwes007
      Ozwes007 reacted to clockworkcheval's post in the thread Welder with Haha Haha.
      The way out is to get one of your grandchildren into welding.
    • Ozwes007
      Ozwes007 replied to the thread Welder.
      Just a little bit of advice, no welder is “easy to use”, it takes 4 years to do a welding apprenticeship and that is not something you...
    • Ozwes007
      Ozwes007 replied to the thread Carb talk for Beginners.
      Just a little info I have found over the last 50 years as an engine tinkler ( 16 State and National titles in catergories as. Diverse as...
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