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Lars N

Nov 10, 2023
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Does it respond perfect to the throttle: nope!
Do I have the occasional short in the distributor : Yep!
Is the timing perfect: nope!
But does it run: YES !!!

I have had some real problems getting this particular engine to run. Redone seats, valves, piston rings, points etc trying methodically to sort out glitches in each cylinder. More than once I determined that I would make it a static model and get on with the next project..... The more times I broke it apart, the more inserts for those aluminium threads I had to make.....grrrr...... But at the end I decided that I cannot look at a non-runner on the shelve while starting my next project so I decided It was going to run, and this morning I had my first successful run. I am a happy chap today :)

Now with a few 1 cylinders and two 4-cylinder engines running I am going to try and take the leap to a radial or rotary engine, which has always been a target. I have decided to look in detail on the Gnome first as this is an interesting model I beleive.

Have a great weekend guys!
Runs very well.
Doesn't sound all that fantastic to me.
Too many variables to determine just what but I'd tend to start with why the exhaust sounds like someone pouring water down a large long pipe.
Congratulations Lars!
All your perseverance has paid off and you can enjoy sorting out the details knowing that it will run.

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