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I had made the cam bearing towers longer than what I thought they needed to be to be safe and was hoping to cut 3/4" off the length when the cam gears came in. I was able to cut a 1/2" off the towers, a 1/4" off the crankshaft end, and 3/4" off the cam shaft end. The other end of the cam shaft is still long for now.

They sure do turn smooth.

Thanks for looking
Been working on the exhaust valve linkage and cam.
This shows how I cut out the cam profile.

The exhaust linkage and cam are installed and timed.

I am probably just about done with working on the under side of the engine so I will start on the mounting plate next. It will be much easier working on the engine when I don't have to chase it all over the bench.

Thanks for looking
Thank you Pat

At this time it is quite evident that the 6" flywheel I made earlier just isn't going to get it. It is way too small in diameter and looks out of place so I need to start over. An 8" round chunk of cast iron 1" thick is more than I want to pay and then add the shipping the price is scary.
This bar bell weight is $18.00 including shipping so this is what I will start with.

I have had good luck in the past with bar bell weights so I will give this one a try.

Thanks for looking
This 8" flywheel looks so much better than the original 6" one.
The bar bell weight started out at a little over 10 lbs but now after it's diet it is 5lbs and 11oz.


It did machine OK but I couldn't get an nice fine finish on the webs so I sprayed it with textured paint.
I think it will be just fine.

What do you think?

Thanks for looking
That flywheel looks the biz! The engine has really come along quickly. Is that all you do all day, or do you stop to eat and sleep?
Looking forward to the first start.
Is that all you do all day, or do you stop to eat and sleep?
Lee you are right to question my work habits as I am retired and love to make things. I usually spend 4 or 5 hours each day in the shop working on something. Model engines caught my eye about 2 years ago I can't seem to stop building them. I know I have a problem but I haven't found a help group yet.

Where do you buy gears?
Minh when I started this build I ordered a 2 to 1 set of bevel gears from China. I thought they would be here in plenty of time but that slow boat just came in. They were quite reasonable at less than $20 but I couldn't wait for them and ordered these gears from Mc Master Carr for a lot more. So now I have a set for another project.

This is a 4.5" diameter chunk of aluminum.

That I made into this.

It is the cam shaft output pulley.
I know it is not to scale but because of the way I made the cam brackets it had to be this large to fit.

I like it what do you think?

Thanks for looking
The pulley looks great. Did you dome the pulley?


Andrew in Melbourne
Cooling water tank is next and I had a nice piece of 2.5" aluminum round set out for just that. After some thought I put that piece back in the drawer and found a cutoff about 1.25" thick and a piece of aluminum tubing. Now I can taper the inside of the cutoff and then press it into the tubing and then taper the outside.
Much easier than working down inside the tube and I used up some cutoffs.

These are the parts that make up the tank. The center tube extends up to within 3/4" of the top of the tank and that will channel the hotter water to rise to the top of the tank. The cooler water will fall to the bottom of the tank and back to the engine via a copper pipe.
That is what it is supposed to do.

Tank installed.

And a view down inside the tank.

Didn't get a picture of the other side of the engine but I will later.

Thanks for looking
As promised this is the other side of the engine showing the cooling water return line.

This little part took quite some time to make. It is the bracket that holds the hall sensor. I wanted it to be adjustable so the curve matches the OD of the flywheel. I installed a magnet in the outer rim of the flywheel to activate the sensor.

Thanks for looking

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