Howell v-2 four stroke gas engine.

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Gear Case Sub-Assembly

Port Holes for Tappet Bushings and Crankcase Vent done. Took 3 1/2 hours of work. I am left with 4 -------1.5 mm oil holes for the cams, 4 x M2 holes to drill and tap and a 1.6mm ID x 25 mm deep oil passage to drill . And drill and tap breakages will ruin me.

So many mini holes to drill and tap

Gus started work early at 7.30am and Nellie was wondering why is Gus working overtime.

Gear Case did survived w/o drill and tap breakage except a bad job on the oil suction. Did check twice, mark and drill same hole. No problem with plugging and re-drill. Drilling the 1.5mm ID x 25mm deep oil passage went well and aligned. If 1.5mm drill breaks and get stuck in it. that will another newspaper weight.





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Last 2 big thru holes to drill.

Job piece was to big for Drilling Vice. Hand holding while drilling 10mm thru holes would be very risky. Job piece held down with 8mm fasteners for peace of mind. There is also a potential risk of snatching/grabbing as drill breaks thru.Grind relief drill cutting edges. Holes drilled safely. However I still have one last hole to drill and tap.


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Crankcase Lube Oil Outlet

Above was hard to drill and aligned with Lube Oil Pump Suction Elbow. Months back same missed by 2mm. Spent weeks racking my brains to come up with some ideas to rectify.
Took three mornings to make elbow, drill and fit into Gear Case and Oil Outlet. To drill same outlet, a jig is a must. But for now I am happy with elbow and flange. Elbow is highlighted in blue.No fishing tomorrow. Work on Gear Case has yet to be 100% done.

That's quite a complicated piece of work there, Gus. But every problem
has had a good solution so far. I look forward to each progress report!

Too bad about the spear gun...

Final fitting in Lube Oil Pump

Took the entire morning to fit above. As there is no gasket to seal oil leakage,had to take insurance-----lap the mating faces of gear case and pump. Loctite on Pump Gear. There's obstruction and pump body could not go flush in. Drill a recess to take gear hub/boss. Productivity almost nil. But job satisfaction with OIl Pump fitted in.:)


Pump Trial

Self-priming did function with water as medium. The ''O" Ring sealing between pump suction inlet and elbow was good and hence had very good suction. Here's one mischief,I ran short of lube oil and I did the unthinkable-----borrowed Nellie's cooking oil to conduct further pump test. Will fit in Timing Gear Train and tappets/bushings. The Gear Case Cover is another challenge. The hole for the oil pump tail shaft. An O ring serves as oil seal. Badly done and oil will seep thru.There are 2 counterbores to do. One to receive the oil pump boss and the ''O'' Ring Oil seal. Tooling and Jig required to do a good job. No point fretting. Might as well enjoy making these tools.

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Gear Case completed less Cover

Timing Gear Train, Oil Pump c/w driven gear, Cams,Tappets,Tail Shaft and Bushings finally fitted on. Tail Shaft which is a pinion shaft itself could easily/smoothly turn gear train and cams.

Some more work required before Gear Case can be covered.
A mini ''O'' type oil seal has yet to be done. Tooling and jigs required. Oil seal is so deceivingly simple and very unforgiving.Its a death trap w/o jigs and tooling
See drawing. 1/8 shaft hole is shown arrowed. If oil seal is properly done,oil leakage will be a problem.




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Lube Oil Pump Tail Shaft Oil Seal

3/8 Countbore is a very risky hit or miss ops or oops w/o a 1/8 CounterBore. A 3/8 drill could hit and miss. Had to spend 3 hours making a fixture to ensure I get a good hit. Foto shows Fixture and locating plug. Counterbore done w/o mishap and Gear Case Cover Trial fit was good with no gap. The 1/4'' x 1/8 '' O Ring is another job requiring a 1/4'' guide bush.




DIY ''O'' Ring Oil Seal

The very shallow 1/4 ID x 0.165 counterbore for "O" Ring done. Jig modified with 1/4'' ID bush(hardened) inserted and locating pin reduced to 1/4'' OD. Counterbore has to be concentric to the 1/8'' ID shaft bore to function as oil seal. Was a bit painful to regrind 6.2mm drill to drill flat bottom hole

Cover can be be closed shut.



Outstanding work you're doing on quite a complicated build Gus. Looking forward to the day you try for first pops.
Gus, you said you "borrowed the cooking oil from Nellies kitchen." Does that mean you returned it when you were through testing the pump? :)
Gus, you said you "borrowed the cooking oil from Nellies kitchen." Does that mean you returned it when you were through testing the pump? :)

If Nellie ever knows that Gus borrowed her cooking oil to run the engine, she will get real mad. Ha Ha. So far so good.

Most likely by This Friday I get to dry spin engine to test lube oil circulation and after that will top up with SAE 30 Engine Oil.

Am Glad I took a 3 month break and come back refreshed to finish up and run engine. Been working longer hours like start work at 8am and finish work at 12 when Nellie yells lunch ready. Married for 45 years. She is devout and Gus a bit lapsed. Pray only when in deep ****. Ha Ha.

Thanks for support and viewing.
Good to see your progress :)
If Nellie ever knows that Gus borrowed her cooking oil to run the engine, she will get real mad. Ha Ha. So far so good.
Can I assume this means Nellie doesn't read your build blog?:hDe:
Running Gear Lube.
Oil Droplet Lube for Crankpins,ConRods and Cylinders confirmed working. Video posted on FaceBook. I can see lube oil oozing thru the cam pins and crankcase drip-nozzle. Opened up the 0.5mm orifice to 0.8mm as I suspect the original 0.5mm may be too small and droplets takes too long to form and drop. Droplets actually becomes splash lube. Fotos show droplets oozing out.




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