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Do not let your neighbors or relatives know that your labour is free.
So you are your own employee, not your own boss :cool: .
Please open up a new thread when you start making pulleys, it will be very interesting.
Amen to that. I responded to a request to make a part for a table saw miter gauge in a Reddit group, and although it was only a couple hour job, I made the mistake of telling the person that he could pay shipping and whatever he thought was fair for my time. He sent me the $7.50 shipping cost and that was it. While the materials were in my shop and on-hand so I wasn’t out of pocket for that, he must’ve decided that a home shop machinist’s time is irrelevant…

He did say that the work looked “amazing” and was a “perfect fit”, but I learned my lesson and won’t ever offer up that someone can pay me what they think is fair. A couple pro machine shop folks responding to his request quoted over $100 for the part. Oh well, live and learn and free work is only for myself, family, and the closest of friends from now on.

John W

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