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I've found this VERY interesting as I'm building a 1/4 scale model of Henry Fords first car, the 1896 Quadricycle. I would like it to be as near original as possible and also for the engine to actually run, 'though only for short periods.
The posts above give me a good basis to start on the ignition system.
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My start on a coil for an igniter.
I had some brass and a length of cast iron rod.
After silver solder to hold the brass to the cast rod and truing up the brass I coated the cast rod and brass with some epoxy to insulate the enameled wire.
The epoxy is hardening on the wire while I took this pic. I Left the lathe running at a slow speed to prevent runs and drips.
I don't know the resistance of the coil as wound.
fingers crossed.
An article on igniters and magnetos, etc
To save a lot of time you can purchase a great coil from De Bolt Machine for a very reasonable price. I have numerous engines powered with these coils and all run very well.
Does this look normal for these coils?

Yes, looks good! Good luck with the ignitor! An interesting project. What scale are you going to build to? My ignitor was a challenge at 1/6.