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Designing/building/flying model aircraft has been a lifelong hobby-obsession of mine. I wrote up articles that were published in Flying Models magazine a few years ago on several of the ones hanging from the ceiling. I did an article on CNC for the same magazine as well.

The aircraft "need" has been dormant ever since I got into this machining thing but I have an ever-expanding list of must-do aircraft projects stored away mentally and rough sketched in CAD for when I retire...if that day ever comes.

South Africa, eh? It's a small world. The company I work for just re-hired a fellow that moved here from Zimbabwe almost 10 yrs. ago. He's a great fellow and bought a mini-lathe not long ago.:)

Eric, you sound like me. When a printer finally dies at work or home, it's time for a celebration!

Steve, I hope to have a build thread started on an engine project after the first of the year so my nervous time's a-comin'.

Ahhh, coffee's done...time to head out to the rocking chair. ;D

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