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I did not proceed with any further changes of the program. Since #54.

Issues I see and know of.

Reversing is problematic
  1. the divider section does not keep a position other than the division count. And it does not keep track how it got there, so it cannot reverse exaclty in the same way it came
  2. backlash is maybe a problem. most of the entry level devices (e.g. my new bought one) have backlash.
  3. just now as I am typing I see that one could (in the division part of the program only) go a full circle minus one division when the reversing button is pressed. :) This would be counter intuitive, rubbish for milling, solving the backlash issue, probably doable in the program, take forever when the button is pressed.
Angle movement:
  • given that the calculation is using whole, non negative numbers and then going in full steps of whatever the motor rotation is doing. There are certain inputs that will cause more or less significant rounding (cut off) errors.
    • This will not be without error
    • The error can maybe kept within acceptable range.
Jog movement:

I did never see this running in an understandable way, But I did not really look at it in more detail. (Yet).
I feel the best solution for jog would be to add some sort of jog wheel and the stepper will just do whatever you do on the jog wheel, but that will be what they call (feature creep?).

Greetings Timo
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The sketch in post #54 works perfect for cutting gears if you use the "B" option (number of Divisions). It repeats back to the starting point on every number of Divisions I tested it on. The backlash isn't consistent on any of my off shore dividing heads, so I never backup when using this setup.