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Feb 24, 2010
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Hello every,
I was suppose to do this the other day, but I kept putting off (a little shy)
So here we go. Allow me to introduce my self to you all.
I am a pure French speaking Cajun from South Louisiana who will be making my big 50th birthday in a few days. (man where did the time go)
I have all ways been a DIY type person. My pass work experiences is rather broad, in my younger years I drove trucks, operated heavy equipment like draglines on-land and offshore, operated dozers, backhoes, and motor graders to mention a few. I did carpenter work, mostly residential; I also own and operate a 40’ X 60’ X 14 cabinet shop part time where I design and build custom cabinets and furniture. My Grandfather and Father were both carpenters and cabinet makers. I’ve been idle in the woodworking part of the shop for the last 2 1/2 years, burnt out on it.
I have been employed in a oil refinery for pass 20 plus years as a machinist/millwright repairing pumps, steam turbines compressors, oh hell just about any type of equipment that rotates. Two years ago my job title changed to “Rotating Equipment Planner” that’s right an office job. I’m still not sure, well when its raining and cold out, then I’m sure I like being in the office.
In my spare time my lovely wife and I enjoy taken trips on our Harley Ultra Classic to Québec to visit some very dear friends of ours and also like traveling the west coast. I also fly nitro fueled RC Helicopters with a 52” main rotator and airplanes (my favorite is my 1/4 scale Piper Cub with 9’ wing span and 4 cycle engine)
I’m just now starting to acquire the tools for my newest pastime.
I have a Atlas 12 X 40 lathe and Bridgeport want-a-be knee mill (RoundTower)
I went down to Tampa, FL a couple weeks ago and pick-up the mill. I just finished hooking every thing up.
I used a VFD “HITACHI model X200” and added a Digital tachulator that can read the spindle RPM or SFM when you input tool diameter.

After looking over this site I feel like that RoundTower mill, I’m a want-a-be machinist compared to some of you guys. I have the up most respect for you guys, very talented people on this site and I hope to learn to be a machinist that can build engines that look like works of art someday.

Looking Forward to Knowing You All
Welcome to HMEM RoughCut.

50! I hope I never get tht old!
I shouldn't say that since I have a birthday coming up in July. ;)

No reason to be shy here.

Thanks Ricky, you know they say you are only as old as you feel.
Well I feel more like 60
Salut RoughCut

Bienvenue du Montreal. Soit pas gener, montrer nous vos projets!

A plus tard, Joe
Joe, I uploaded a pdf file of the project for you and everyone else who my be interested in this type of set-up.
Welcome to the forum Roughcut.
What kinds of engines are you interested in?
Got a project in mind?
Hi and welcome RoughCut. 50? Heck...your just a Spring chicken (or make that a Spring crawfish down your way). Sounds like you have plenty going on to keep you young. Would love to see a picture of that Piper Cub too if possible.

Welcome to HMEM RoughCut.

I think you will have a lot of fun around here.

There are a bunch of us around here who would like to feel like we were 60 .... again.

Gail in NM
Welcome RoughCut. My Grandmother was born in New Iberia. Been there a few times but we go to New Orleans a few times a year, just to get away and relax.

People here can help you if you hit a rough spot. Again, welcome and enjoy what you do. ironman
Rough cut,

Welcome to our forum. wEc1

Wish I had a 50th coming up instead of going down. ;D

Best Regards
Rough Cut,. I really envy you kids getting into this hobby at your age.
Think of all the engines you have ahead of you. ;D :big:
Thank you all for a warm welcome. Good to hear from so many older guys out in the shop still making chips fly, thats wonderful, it helps keep the mind sharp.

Zee, I have no idea right now which will be my first engine. I was out visiting a few machine shops in the Baton Rouge area last Thursday, actually grading them on there performance, it's the part of my job I like the best. I was talking with one of the older machinist about the mill I had purchase, and he offered to give me a set of plans for some type of Westinghouse steamer that he had to build to finish machinist school. He said he look around his shop for them.

Bill, thanks for the compliment, now days it feels good to be called a spring chicken. I looked around on my computer, thought I had some pictures of the Cub, couldn’t find any. When I’ll take out this spring I’ll try to remember to get some photos.

Gail, I’m sure I will enjoy the forum, looks like a lot of down to earth people here. The one good thing about being over 60 and retired, for me would have to be, not having to punch that dam alarm clock in the mornings, not that I like to sleep late I would just like to sleep a little later than 4:00am

Ironman, don’t get to relaxed and let your guard down in N.O. if you no what I mean.

Bob, thanks, I know what you mean, it was like it took for ever to make 21, but all those wishes we made for the years to hurry and pass by to get there, well looks like they were taken to heart because they a steady building speed and the brakes are not holding.

Putputman, the best thing about starting in this hobby is have teachers like you around to teach us young kids the old school way, when things were build with quality and pride, not half ass done, (excuse my French;D).

Well I’ll shut it down now and grab bite to eat.
RoughCut, what general area do you live in, I lived in Evangeline for 55 years and decided to move to the Raley area, wanted a change and it was good, I now do things for me and not for everyone in the community, work in the oil field also or what is left of it, hope to make a few more years, I love this group they are a great bunch of fellow and they know some stuff sha, your going to enjoy them, I sure have learned a lot and enough project to work on until I am 700 years old, enjoy these good people sha, Lathe Nut
lathe nut said:
RoughCut, what general area do you live in,

Lathe Nut, I live in St. Landry Parish, about 5 miles from the Opelousas city limits, on 3 acres out in country :D.

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