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Dec 1, 2012
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I started this engine a little over a year ago. I haven't worked on it a whole lot, with a summer job and other priorities. This engine gets worked on for a bit then gets put on the back shelf for a later date. Kit was purchased from Shel Pet Models. I will try to post a few pictures every day until it's caught up.
I started on the base, not a lot of material to remove. I spent a lot of time measuring to be sure everything would be within tolerances.


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There was an "almost finished" example of this engine auctioned at Cabin Fever last week. Quite a complicated beast I must say.
A couple mere pictures of the base. I bored the block on the mill then cut the bushings undersize and line bored with a long kingpin reamer. The end result was great. The slots for timing gears were cut next after turning out a fixture.


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Here's a couple more pictures, next I built the crankshaft then bored out the cylinders and installed the sleeves. The sleeves were bored undersized .003 and honed to final size after the pistons were built.


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I apologize for not sending any more pictures. For some reason I'm unable to load the pictures because it fails and says the file size is too large. At this time I don't know how to re-size the pictures. Any help would be appreciated. I have been working long days in the shop and progress is continuing. I would enjoy sharing and will, when I get this corrected.
Dan I use to re-size and edit my pictures. It's a free download.
Maury, Thanks for the information on re-sizing the pictures. I'm using a new computer so everything is a major "learning curve". My part time job is definitely interfering with this engine build, but making steady progress.
Pictures of machining flywheels, building and welding connecting rods.
Frisco standard 3 20190128_115537.jpg
Frisco Standard 2 20190129_112149.jpg
frisco standard 1  20190130_130822.jpg
Frisco standard 4 20190218_115124.jpg
Frisco standard 5 20190218_152139.jpg
Interesting - Did the pattern + casting + machining for a full size 5" bore Frisco some years ago. Fascinating to see how the designer managed to get the cooling water into around the recesses in the head. Also installed hardened seats into the cast iron head to allow for non-leaded fuel. Engine regularly operating for shows. Another guy i know is restoring a twin and looks like he has to make 2 mirrored head patterns.
Andy, Sounds like a great and interesting project building a full size Frisco engine. I have seen a few different full size engines running at shows. I enjoy all the moving parts and the sound of the exhaust. The model of this engine that I've seen operate is a pleasure to watch as well. I can only hope that this engine will operate as it should.
I have been making some progress between doing yard work and a few odd jobs that have been put off. I have finished most of the work on the heads, built and installed the valve guides and most of the ignitors are done.
Yeah, got to work in the garage today and got most of the igniter trip push rods built. Now I just need to drill a hole in each one for the return spring arm. The arm needs to be made from .040 music wire and I'll wait until I have some before drilling the holes. I used 6% soft silver solder to weld the pieces together.
I have been making slow but steady progress on this engine. The water pump and eccentric drive have been built as well as the engine valves, intake rocker arm, manifolds and the fuel tank. I have also been working on all the little stuff that adds up, building gasket dies, cutting gaskets and so on.
I made a couple of small oilers today, they have a small opening at the top and I will put a drop of oil in it occasionally. I spun the engine over for a few minutes today with a drill and the ignitors removed. After final assembly the compression seems good and will bounce the engine back when pulling it over on compression. I am planning on it's first run tomorrow after work hopefully. I have been thinking of paint but not sure what to do, as the gasoline seems to lift the paint after a while any ideas?

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