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Jun 18, 2020
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Hi all in looking back at some of my Rc aircraft I came across the super tiger in-line twin glow fuel engine . This was a much Mal alighned engine few ran up to potential. I had a drawing of the construction but that’s long gone . As I recall it had a knuckle type of joined crankshaft This was supported on each end to keep it in line of course it took some close tolerance grinding to machine this . So I’m just throwing this out for an experimenter I would make the crank the same way but use a central ball bearing Supporting the joint. As it turned it these did not vibrate excessively they had the carb on the bottom feeding both cylinders . I think this would be ok but alternately mabe feed alternately or simply use two carbs . I like to see this as a 4 stroke gas engine somewhere I made a cad model ofvthe 4 stroke as part of one of my engineering class projects It does get a bit complicated but I think it would be doable as a bar stock engine. It would be necessary to trim as much weight off as possible on glow fuel those that really ran made a lot of power and alternate side exhaust pets it would be suitable for P 51 Spitfire and and ME109 models using scale functioning exhaust without too much trouble. As I recall this was about a 100 CC engine and pretty light in its day these are real collector engines now I’ve only seen a few listed . The local hobby shop had two of them that I used to look at every time I went there. Super Tiger engines were highly rated back then I had a number of them that I grenaded with massive loads of nitro and tuned pipes LOL . I have looked for production inline twins but there are very few. So anyone interested?
hola estaria interesado que seian los planos del motor (el CAD) o que seria

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