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I'm sort of interested and recall that Tom D. Walshaw writing as Tubal Cain but curiously doing a Christmas article and I think that it was in an Engineering in Miniature volume.
I've been through what is left in Tubal Cain's references on the 'net but it doesn't appear. What I recall-vaguely- is that he 'did' a small boiler which I guess was similar to what Chuck is attempting.
Note to Frazer--- Am I having a senior moment?If I am right, it should be constructive.


end plate on former.JPG end plate sitting on body tube.JPG oak former.JPG

Having a problem getting the formed end plate to fit in the boiler body. I know I need to turn the formed plate to clean it and allow .003-.005" for the solder.
I made the former from oak, and turned it to inside dia of the body - 2x wall thickness of the end plate. Seems the end plate is growing in thickness! Is this expected to happen?
I'm not having a problem annealing between beatings, I'm using a mapps gas torch to heat to glowing red and quenching in water. Should I take a few thou off the diameter of the former? Right now the end plate od measures .145" bigger than the body tube id, but sits tight on the former.
Duh, found the problem...
The former was turned to the tube id. Forgot to allow for plate thickness. How I managed that, I don't know...
Getting there now, the end plate is just beginning to fit in the body tube.
As the end plate is now about 5 thou thicker than it was at the flange, can I now trim it in the lathe to .005 under slip fit?
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Hi Chuck ,done that and got the T shirt Iv also picked up the wrong former as I keep them yep I get those days
Just put a small 1 1/2 one together only to drop it and dent it Time to shut up shop or maybe take up paper hanging
Norm my old engineering mentor did a few simple pot boilers and most are covered in his Simple Steam books 1&2
I remember the man well and his kindness to a then spotty teenager. He was a great lecturer and even managed to teach a member of the magic smoke club
Although other pens have taken the reigns to my mind they have never surpassed the ability he and Basil Harley had to come up with simple reliable designs that budding model engineers could make. I have built many of the designs and every one has worked although some had the odd drawing error

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