A 7" Scale Fowler Steam Lorry

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Nov 6, 2023
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This is my 7" scale Fowler lorry completed (almost) this year after a 13 year build. I designed it from Fowler drawings as an exercise in "how small a steam model could house 2 people in the cab?". That is the reason for the rather strange scale. The scale also means I can legally tow it behind my motorhome on a 2.4 tonne trailer - the lorry actualy weighs about 1.1 tons empty.
As in the prototype, it has a V twin engine driving through a 3 speed sliding mesh box to a modified Suzuki Jimny rear axle. The axle has been changed to proper fully floating bearings and half shafts supporting twin rear wheels. The engine and gearbox were designed and built from scratch. The boiler is a vertical fire tube design with twin superheaters in the smokebox. I designed the boiler, but had the pressure shell manufactured (too big for my workshop). Everything else was manufactured on an 11" swing lathe and a Tom Senion M1 milling machine, plus stick welder. Wooden bodywork, painting, lining, signwriting is also my own work.
If you want the full build thread, it is on Flickr here:


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