Direct reading dials on mini lathes.

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Feb 12, 2009
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Clovis Ca
Here is way of way having direct read dials on mini lathe.

If have a 20 TPI cross feed screw.
One turn is 0.050" some most lathes have a Graduated Dial, 50 Divisions. For direct reading you need a Graduated Dial, 100 Divisions so each 0.001 on the dial takes off on the diameter 0.001. You 100 Divisions from
The size could a problem it is 1.8" diameter but easy to read.

Now if you the metric feed screw and inch reading.
It 1mm or 0.03937" per turn
The best is Graduated Dial, 78 Divisions . Next best you can buy is Graduated Dial, 75 Divisions or each Divisions is 0.00052 or off diameter is only of by 0.00002 " . Diameter is only off by 0.00004"
The size is only larger by 0.078" easy to fit on old Dial.
This what looking and next order I will put cart for upgrade no free shipping I wait for till large order.

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