Casting Kits I would like to see For Sale Again

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Pat, If you ever want the file for a suitable flywheel just ask, made mine 99mm but easy to scale it up and I could add a pulley

I did tart the base and a few other items up a bit. Not seen the actual article before just the images and part description


Thanks much for the offer.
One day I will get back to that engine.
Can't do it right now for psychological reasons.

That is a beautiful Scientic American build for sure !

Dad getting ready to ride his Roper Steam bicycle.

This is another one of those builds where Tom Lindsay sent dad a small book about Roper and his Steam Bicycle, and dad ended up building two Roper replica steam bikes.

Some other miscellaneous engines my dad built.

I think he built 38 engines total, but I am not positive.

None of them are works of art, but they all ran very smoothly.



A panorama of my dad (Bob Jorgensen's) engines, with a photo of dad in his shop.

Dad built engines like other folks pop popcorn.

You literally never knew exactly what he would carry or ride out of his workshop next.

One of dad's biker buddies saw dad's Roper replica, and so he had a guy I think named Brody build him one.

This is Dick Winger's Roper replica.

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but after a while, I got blocked again
I don't think you will be blocked. :rolleyes:

I totally agree with you
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MEM does not have 'personal' blacklist. There are blocks of email addresses that are blocked by the forum software and I know that there are issues with .gmx addresses where they block MEM so the authentication fails. I am travelling atm but I am sure we can sort you out next week.
As for the "casting bank" it sounds a good idea but how practical would it be. Taking a couple of engines that have been discussed in this thread as examples.
if you don't see how it would work, either by you, or for you, then you're not the right person for the job and/or not the right customer. Casting kits have existed for what, 100 years, I'm certain they will exist for as long as raw materials and suitable plans and/or patterns are available. People are resourceful, where there's a will there's a way, you just don't have the will, that doesn't mean nobody does.

I'm guessing that had I asked your advice before starting on a model Rolls Royce Merlin engine you would have said it would be impossible and/or impractical, then what ?. be careful about spreading negativity, it could come back to haunt you (just saying, from someone who's been there, IE don't ask me how I know that !)
Thanks for posting pictures of your dad's shop!

He was obviously a very talented builder and it's fascinating to see how he packed so many tools and supplies into a relatively small area. Everything he needed, well organized and with no unused or wasted space.
Peter did you miss my posts about how I have made parts for lost or damaged casting sets so they can once again be made available, designed new engines, and made the patterns so they can be cast, published usable working drawings from what were just old general arrangement drawings so others can have a go at making them, etc

So certainly not against keeping old casting sets going but I also know what is involved unless other people give freely of their time or offer up their patterns for nothing then I see it hard to get the "bank" idea going. If I were to charge a realistic cost for the CAD, CAM and CNC work then it would simply not be viable for these new or replacement castings to be produced, luckily I don't take any money for doing it, might get the odd casting. Or who would pay near $100,000 dollars for the 4 sizes of Galloway patterns to obtain them for the bank which would be about what would have been wanted base don what was being asked for other patterns

I also have regular dealings with a kit supplier who at one time gave their patterns to a museum with the idea that they would get castings done and sell via the museum shop. I t never happened due to difficulties finding a foundry so what I said earlier may be negative but it is a fact. Even now that the patterns are back with the supplier it has taken a lot of time and poor castings to find one that can come up with the good, still not perfect but usable though nearly lost them when one of their main clients stopped ordering so it was not economical for them to heat up the pot for the small number of castings wanted for the models

I've also been able to get castings done by borrowing patterns that had not been used for 25 years or so, they were in a bad way so the castings were not good and took an excessive amount of work to get a presentable model out of them and that was after the foundry had done some remedial work. Again it may sound negative but been there done that and wood patterns stored in a damp workshop for 25yrs do not produce good castings and many won't want that.

I've also made patterns and had castings done, some had faults and had to be redone. The foundry did not charge but there were transport costs due to additional trips and it worked out not cheaper than buying barstock. As the patterns needed machining all over there was really no point in getting castings done and that was before I had the CNC so even less point for me now.

Some of my publishe dbarstock designs used cast flywheels which were available at the time of writing, the source has now dried up but I have made a pattern and I now know where to point builders to a new source of iron flywheels from that pattern so again I'm doing my bit.

Yes my comments here may sound negative but I speak with some first hand experience of getting and keeping casting kits on the market