Biscuit Tin Steam Engine. Part 4.

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Tony Bird

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Feb 20, 2011
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Cardiff, South Wales, UK

With the steam port holes spotted and later drilled to size the position of the steam passageways were marked on the port block. (P.030).

030 BTE Spotting securing holes.JPG

As the port block was quite long, the steam passageways had to be drilled from both ends into a hole drilled half way along its length. This hole allowed for any misalignment when the passageway holes met. (P.031).

031 BTE centre hole.JPG

The drill nearly at its full length breaking into the centre hole. (P.032).

032 BTE Drilling Steam passageways.JPG

Another indication that the model hadn’t been completed or if it had it hadn’t run for long was that the trunnion rod was just a push fit in the cylinder, so the bush on the cylinder was cross drilled and a taper pin fitted. (P.033/34).

033 BTE Drilling trunnion..JPG

034 BTE Tapper pin fitted..JPG

Except for plugging the ends of the steam passageways in the port block the cylinder assembly was complete. (P.035).

035 BTE PB secured to cylinder bracket.JPG

Before plugging the passageways they were cleared of any debris using water delivered with a syringe. (P.036).

036 BTE Cleaning syringe.JPG

The bolts that had previously held the bearing and cylinder stands to the engine base were replaced by studding and bolt which in fact were lengths of threaded rod with nuts glued on. It was thought they looked a little better that plain hexagonal bolts and washers. (P.037).

037 BTE Bolts.JPG

The steam passageway holes were plugged and one of the steam pipes was fitted to the port block, it going through the engine base plate. (P.038).

038 BTE Holes plugged.JPG

It was now ‘Party Time’! How well would the engine work? It was connected to a regulated air supply. A short video of the engines first run.

Quite successful? Now on to the question of the other cylinder.

To be continued….